Freyssinet International & Cie is on the Bulgarian market since 2002. In this year together with Mostsroy A.D., and Glavbolgarstroi A.D as subcontractor they were able to perform repairs on 4 bridges on the "Trakia" highway, at kilometers 37 and 38. This project was financed by the World Bank under the commission from API (Bul. – Road infrastructure agency).

During the 2003 – 2005 period, Freyssinet International & Cie together with the embassy of France in Bulgaria managed to ensure free financing to the sum of EUR 950 000 from the French government under the FASEP program for the preparation of the API data base and for inspecting the condition of 2000 bridges in the country. Freyssinet International & Cie has supplied API with the ScanPring software product used for the individual registration and assessment of the condition of the operational bridges in  the country.

Freyssinet - Bulgaria was established in Bulgaria in 2007, as a Representative office of the Freyssinet International & Cie group. This status provided the company with direct technology transfer and thus, enabled it to apply from the very beginning, in all the projects it became involved, the world's latest engineering solutions and technologies.

Since the company possessed a strong technical and material support, as well as a group of specialists highly qualified and trained in Bulgaria, Romania and France, Freyssinet - Bulgaria in association with FREYSSINET International & Cie, took part in projects regarding construction, strengthening and repairs of road infrastructure such as bridges, overpasses, viaducts, earthworks etc.


Of the many projects undertaken by the company between 2007 and 2012, we should mention the bridge near Business Park on the Ring Road of Sofia, Metro station 11 in Sofia, Capital Fort Business Center in Sofia, reinforced earth – 5 retaining walls of the "Terre Armee" technological type at the road junction "Koritna" on the "Hemus" highway"; delivery of dilatation joints for a number of bridges on the highways "Trakia", "Hemus" and "Maritsa" as well as the overhead road Blvd. "Brussels" and the bridges "Chavdar" and over "Cherkovna" str. in Sofia, repair and reinforcement with carbon fibers (TFC) of a bridge in the city of Gulubovo, delivery of anti-seismic devices for the bridges on the "Lyulin" highway and the bridge over Blvd. "Dragan Tsankov" in Sofia.

In addition to the objectives, to which the company was committed as subcontractor, FREYSSINET - Bulgaria became specialized in several spheres such as:

Our most recent works include: assembly of expansion joints on Motorway Struma, post-tensioning of slabs for the office Tower Icon, post-tensioning of new silo in Devnya cement, strengthening and repairs of two bridges on Motorways Trakia and Hemus, post-tensioning of slabs of the overhead road on blvd. "Tsaritsa Ioanna" and the Sofia circular road (the western section).

Freyssinet - Bulgaria's intention for the near future is to explore furthermore the civil construction market, as well as that of historical monuments rehabilitation.