Our mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission:

Our motto 'sustainable technology' expresses our commitment to offering our customers long-lasting and high quality solutions that respect the environment, and to providing our employees with an environment where safety and risk management are a constant state of mind. The satisfaction of our customers, the health and safety of all personnel as well as environmental preservation are our primary concerns.
As part of the Freyssinet group, we promote creativity, innovation and quality, both at a global scale, as well as on each of our sites. With this philosophy, the Freyssinet group manages to keep alive the spirit of its founder, the inventor Eugène Freyssinet.

Our Vision:

To become the top choice of our customers on the Bulgarian market and a valuable competitor in the Balkan region within our areas of expertise, through strong team effort, efficient management and state-of-the-art technologies.

Our Values:

Safety - With our policy "Zero accidents" we do our best to create the appropriate working conditions for our employees having in mind at the same time the goal of offering the most satisfying results for our customers, as well as for the end users.

Transparency – The fact that we highlight the areas for improvement and that we find together the best solutions to achieve progress, these are our strongest assets that will help us distinguish ourselves from our competitors in the future, and that will help us control our risks and profitability.

Commitment – We focus on excellence and professionalism through daily actions.

Stability – We constantly act towards a slower but a long-lasting development of the company

Flexibility – We aim to wittily combine the demands of the construction market with those of our partners.

Profitability – Our technical and innovative solutions are thought and calculated to offer our clients state-of-the-art technology, bearing in mind at the same time that our objective is to reduce costs and execution time, to the benefit of our partners.