In order to attune and improve the internal practices, the company has chosen to adopt the integrated management system for Quality – Environment – Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 9001 – SR EN ISO 14001 – OHSAS 18001). Thus, in 2007 we successfully obtained the management system certificates for quality and environment, and in 2009 we also applied and were granted the certificate for the occupational health and safety management systems.

Quality – Since the satisfaction of our clients is essential for the well-being of the company, we are interested in proving to them, and also to us, through permanent testing, that our products and services are according to the standards required on the market.

Environment – By obtaining this certificate, the company expresses its commitment to store and carefully recycle the waste that results from its activities, in order to achieve progress and minimize its impact on the environment. Hence we offer our employees constant training in how to preserve the natural surroundings clean and healthy.

Operational health and safety – The Freyssinet policy 'ZERO ACCIDENTS', that our company also adopted, entails a complex campaign of risk prevention for the entire personnel, either on site or on the route, that manifests itself through periodical protection trainings both generic and specific, through weekly testing of the various aspects discussed during trainings, through issuing risk sheets for every position in the organization and through a daily rigorous analysis of the parameters to be followed, before starting work.
In 2010 we also obtained the certificate for Social Accountability (SA8000), proving the respect we bear for our employees and the interest we carry in offering them working conditions according to international standards.