PT Bars

Freyssibar prestressing bars are manufactured using specific industrial processes including heat treatment (quench & tempered) that ensures increased mechanical characteristics. The resulting ductility, tensile and yield strengths are greater than for typical prestressing bars (the bars may be bent 90 degrees at tight radii without fracture).

Freyssibar prestressing bars are available in maximum 14.80 m lengths or may be pre-cut to specific lengths. Threads are provided at the ends with sufficient thread length to accommodate anchorage hardware, anticipated elongation, standard construction tolerances and as may be otherwise specified. Freyssibar prestressing bars can be manufactured to large diameters, up to 95 mm.
Permanent protection of the bars may be provided onsite through the use of flexible filler material (petroleum wax, grease) or by means of bonded filler materials (cement grout, epoxy resin, etc.). The bars can also be provided with a factory applied corrosion protection system:

Depending on specific project requirements, other corrosion protection systems may be proposed.



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