Freyssinet Subsidiaries

World leader in specialist civil construction and engineering, Freyssinet Group operates in the construction and the enhancement of structures and soils and in the entire life cycle of nuclear power plants.

Through its trademarks Menard, Reinforced Earth and Nuvia, The group offers a range of technical solutions and know-how in line with the major environmental criteria linked to sustainability and is working to expand its offering accordingly, promoting the development of innovative solutions that conserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Increasingly involved in sustainable development issues, the Freyssinet Group is stepping up initiatives, to improve environmental protection on construction sites as well as strengthen its policy on social responsibility. Putting people at the core of the organization, the Freyssinet Group has thus been committed to active steps towards risk prevention and safety for several years.

Freyssinet is a subsidiary of VINCI Construction, the market leader in France and a major player worldwide in construction and civil engineering.

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